Zoé, Metric and July Talk at South Side Ballroom Review 03.01.19

It’s always nice to have great neighbors, especially when they bring you gifts and that was the case Friday night as Canadian bands Metric and July Talk were joined by Mexico’s Zoé at the South Side Ballroom in Dallas. 

Leah Fay of July Talk
Alternative rock band July Talk kicked off the show with “Summer Dress” from their-self titled album. Vocalist Leah Fay, who was a positive ball of energy the whole set, started the show by walking on top of the barriers in front of the stage and greeting the huge crowd. 
“I see no hate in the crowd tonight … only love,” Fay told the fans who continually poured in during the set. 
‘Love’ was definitely the vibe with the diverse crowd that showed up to support our lovely neighbors. 
July Talk finished up their set to a full house with “Pull + Push” off their latest album “Touch.”

Grammy-winning group Zoé was next on the evening’s lineup and when they followed July Talk to the stage, they were greeted by a deafening roar from the capacity crowd.

León Larregui of Zoé
“We’ve earned our place through work and successful albums,” frontman Leon Larregui told billboard.com. “The Zoé audience keeps growing and it’s bigger each time. We’re seeing more sold-out shows and bigger theaters.”
The crowd was singing along through their entire 14-song set and for those who didn’t understand Spanish – no problem. Larregui’s voice was a finely tuned instrument that blended perfectly with the band.
Zoé started off with “No Hay Mal Que Dure” off their Grammy-winning album Aztlan. 
“The title of the album is a reference to our people. It is an invitation to discover the beauty and richness of our culture, and look inward so we can recover that Mexican dignity and pride,” Larregui said. 
They continued with hit after hit from their catalogue, which includes six studio albums and an EP, finishing up with “Love” from their 2003 LP, “Rocanlover.”

The crowd was definitely ready for more and the headliner Metric delivered. 

Emily Haines of Metric
Often described as synth pop, Metric put on a rock show. The high-energy, guitar-driven set started with their latest release “Love You Back” off “Art of Doubt.” 
“Art of Doubt” recalls their debut album, ‘Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?” and its guitar-driven hooks. Frontwoman Emily Haine’s voice was spot-on and the energy was at max capacity throughout the entire show, even when they dipped into songs off of “Synthetica” such as “Artificial Nocturne,” with the lyrics:
I'm just as fucked up as they say

I can’t fake the daytime

Found an entrance to escape into the dark

Got false lights for the Sun

It’s an artificial nocturne
It’s an outsider’s escape for a broken heart

Metric finished up with a crowd favorite, “Help I’m Alive,” off their album “Fantasies.”

Thank you Metric, thank you Zoé and thank you July Talk for a sensational show filled with positive energy, proving music has no borders.

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