The Final Friday On The Green of 2019

Photos by Dustin Schneider, Words by Susie Ramone

The last Friday on the Green of the season was one I didn’t even know I wanted to go to until midweek last week. This staple of the Near South Side is always a good time, but Friday’s show was extra special for many reasons.
First up we had Chillamundo playing music from both of their released albums as well as a little something new. Denver Williams is such an excellent interstellar being it’s hard not to fangirl about his talent, so I will rein it in. He has assembled a group of musicians around him that work so well together and help bring his musical vision to life. Neal McAlister, Nick Tittle, and Caleb Stanislaw are the special sauce that makes this music so delicious. I was so stoked they played all my faves including, Thx 4 Pain, Adeline, Blood Machine and Reanimator. You can check out all their tunes on Spotify and Bandcamp. Keep an eye out for what they do next!
The Hendersons were up next and let me just say that a year and a half is WAY too long to go between Hendies shows! Do you hear me, Nolan? They played all the classics off their debut album, Indian Summer, and their new single The Crane. I will never get tired of hearing Delilah live and Appalachian Stew and Magdalena were giving me LIFE! The talent of these guys is seriously beyond measure.
Son of Stan recently returned for a tour with White Denim and had the crowd rocking from the first beat of the first song. I love everything about their Dad Rock music and set, from the lyrics, to the dance moves, to the music itself. It’s just always such a good time. I’ve seen them three times in the past couple of months and each time is better than the last. There were some people in the crowd who were introduced to SoS for the first time on Friday and seeing them loving it and talking about how much fun they were having was so great. I loved seeing that look of “how cool is this?!” on their faces. Keep an eye out for their next show and catch them live, you won’t be sorry you did.
Finally for the night, Lion Eye took the stage. I was sad to learn that this was their last show as a band. Getting an eight-piece band together to jam is never an easy task. Add to that general life milestones of marriages, kids, schools and I can see why the project is ending, but I am sad to see it go. Lion Eye had the crowd moving to their reggae and dancehall sounds. They were joined by local hip-hop faves Wrex and Dru B Shining, along with used to be local boy A Rock. It was the perfect ending to a perfect evening and a perfect band. You can find Lion Eye’s entire catalog on Bandcamp.
Friday on the Green will be back at Magnolia Green Park in the Near South Side of Fort Worth in the Spring. I can’t wait to see what they have to up their sleeves for next season!
The Hendersons
Son Of Stan
Lion Eye

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