KAABOO Texas – Day 3

Photos and story courtesy of The Jerry Jonestown Massacre.

Photos by Dustin Schneider, Words by Susie Ramone.

Day 3! The final day of Kaaboo Texas 2019 and another perfectly lovely day. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and I was going to get to see my favorite band of all time, but more on that later.
First! First I got sparkly glitter eye paint to match my super killer crystal crown and sparkly toes. It was all so exciting that I sent Dustin and myself to the WRONG stage for the first band of the day! It was supposed to be The English Beat on the Main Stage, but I accidentally took us outside to see Jon Anderson from YES singing YES songs on the Maverick Stage. It took me about two songs to realize my mistake and get us inside for the last song of The Beat’s 30-minute set. Mirror in the Bathroom was just as good as I remembered and I am kind of excited that we got to see both Jon of YES doing Owner of a Lonely Heart and my favorite Beat song. Oy, vey!
So, yeah, after that we headed over to the Pegasus Stage to check out Andy Grammar and I have to say, I’m kind of in love with him! We walked up during the middle of Good to be Alive (Halleluja) and it was super fun to see the choreography of AG and his back up singers and band. They were all pretty amazing. Andy is a multi-instrumentalist and played everything on stage, much like Kid Rock had done the night before. He played piano during his song Always, which he told the crowd he had written for his daughter. It speaks of how other relationships will come and go, but they will always have each other. Mid-set, Andy recited a poem he had written about his father. When the poem started off, I thought it was really sad because he was saying that his father didn’t really care about any of the successes Andy had been hitting, but as the poem went on we learned that his father didn’t care about material success, but about his heart and that he was doing good with his gifts. Before we left for some of the good eats that Kaaboo had to offer we were able to hear 85, Don’t Give Up On Me, and the song he wrote inspired by his mom called Give Love. I was kind of bummed that we left before Honey I’m Good, but the food was worth it!
We made our way eventually to our first Main Stage set of the day to see Mr. Worldwide himself, Pit Bull. Dude is adorable with is million dollar smile and looks like he is having the time of his life the entire set! He’s a great storyteller and his back up band, DJ, and dancers came together to put on an excellent show. I was having fun trying to pick out all the samples, but the only ones I took super note of were from Depeche Mode, Lenny Kravitz, and surprisingly Guns n’ Roses. We were only able to stay for a few songs though because of what was coming up next on the Maverick Stage…..
Closing out the Maverick Stage Sunday evening was something I had been waiting my entire life for… The B-52’s! Another band that my brother brought home on vinyl and introduced me to as a little kid I have been a fan for close to 40 years and barely held it together the whole set. Cindy, Kate, and Fred looked and sounded fantastic as they rolled through song after song. Cindy’s wig and outfit itself would have been worth the price of a ticket, but add in her voice and I was in heaven! It was literally everything I could have hoped for and more! A few highlights of the hour and a half long set were Mesopotamia, Hot Lava, Give me Back my Man, 52 Girls, Dance this Mess Around, and 6060-842. It was all fun, all night. I danced and sang for a solid hour and finally broke down in tears as we were walking away from the stage when it was over. What an amazing experience!
I couldn’t wallow in my happy tears for long though, because I wanted to make it over to the final show on the Pegasus Stage – Little Big Town! We made it over there just as they had finished Pontoon and headed into I’m With The Band. I was so sad to miss Pontoon (my favorite song in their catalog), but they made up for it with Better Man, Save your Sin, and Day Drinking. I also feel super lucky that we were able to see Girl Crush performed. That is probably the saddest song I have ever heard in my life and it took me right back to when it came out and I was going through a breakup and bawling my eyes out every time it came on the radio. Luckily I’m past all that and can now appreciate it for the sad, beautiful song that it is. What a cool little treat it was to see Little Big Town on stage!
Closing out the night and Kaaboo Texas 2019 was the man, the myth, the legend that is Sting. Seriously, I have a thing for bass players, it’s a well-documented fact, and Sting is no exception to that rule. Dude is AMAZING! He kicked off his set with Message in a Bottle before launching into If I Ever Lose My Faith in You and If You Love Somebody Set Them Free. Between Free and Englishman in New York, Sting introduced that band and I thought Dustin was going to lose his mind when he heard that on drums was Josh Freese, drummer for the Vandals, Devo, and Nine Inch Nails. It was so great to see him (Dustin) so stoked on that little tidbit. Following the intro the hits just kept coming with Every Little Thing She Does is Magic, Fields of Gold, Walking on the Moon, Wrapped Around Your Finger and included King of Pain and Every Breath You Take in the encore.
In my humble opinion, Kaaboo Texas was an overall success. Everyone working at the festival was so nice, getting answers to our questions if they didn’t have them, and sending us in the right direction when they did. The staff at AT&T stadium were the epitome of kind and accommodating, although it helped that I had one of their own with me. Vendors were generous with their time and goods. The art installations were inspiring and breathtaking. And the music It was EVERYTHING. I cannot thank the universe enough for allowing me to be part of it.
I absolutely cannot wait for next year!


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