Juma-Danielle Grubb-Hoof-Big Heaven at MASS

I’m sure I’ve said this before and totally sure I will say this again… Main at South Side is probably my favorite music venue in Fort Worth right now!

I often times find myself there more than one night on the weekend for a show.

The drinks are good, friends are plenty, and the music is all killer, no filler.

Saturday night was no exception. After numerous lineup changes that left this girl a little anxious, the night started off with Juma Spears opening things up with the drummer from Danielle Grubb, Dean, laying down beats. It was amazing to see the two of them collaborate quickly and get things going for what promised to be a fun and funky night!

Juma is always so great with the crowd and his banter was fun and engaging.

Next up was Danielle Grubb, a blues/funk/pop artist out of Dallas. She and her band were so much fun! I was at the bar at one point and saw a lady down the way totally grooving along with each song. They are looking to tour around starting in June and will be back in Fort Worth on their way to California.

In the meantime, you have a chance to see her at The Deep Ellum Arts Festival and I’m here to tell you, you should totally take that chance! The set was tight, her voice was beautiful, you will not be sorry to make the trek out to Dallas for the art and her music!

Hoof, out of Denton, came along with their personal style of punk/metal/grunge and let me just say, I was here for it! It got real loud and real weird and was probably the most surprisingly fun thing to happen all night. John, Dave, and James are on point and you can tell they are having the most fun up there on stage!

For guys that don’t make it down to Fort Worth very often, you can see them again next weekend, January 25th, at The Ozzie Rabbit Lounge in the Handley neighborhood on the Eastside with The Dangits. Take advantage because they probably won’t be down this way again for some time.

Closing out the night was my girl, Mandy Hand, and her band – Big Heaven. Speaking of line up changes (see above), Big Heaven has gone through some itself in the past several months, going from a two piece, to a four piece, and now back down to two with synth player, Steve Peglar. They played all my favorites, including “Jim Smells Like Weed”, along with some that I’d not heard yet off their new album, coming out next month. Mandy’s guitar playing and lyrics are fun and quirky, yet meaningful and Steve is the perfect match to complete the sound.

Keep an eye out for all these musicians in and around the DFW music scene and catch their shows any time you can!

Photos by Dustin Schneider , Words by Susie Ramone

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