Fort Worth, We Love You!

Photos and Words by Dustin Schneider

It’s a strange time. Everyone is sitting front row to an event none of us have ever experienced, and every day more and more of us are being effected. Bars, restaurants, breweries, gyms, and schools have all been closed, making the lives of those that work in those locations unsure of their foreseeable future. We’ve seen how things have unfolded in other countries, and it’s inevitable that extreme measures like shelter in place are just around the corner for America. Earlier tonight, minutes before I ventured out with my camera, Governor Newsom of California issued a statewide order for residents to stay inside to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

Before the same order is issued here in Texas, I wanted to go and capture some of my favorite watering holes and venues as they sit in their current condition. Dark and Empty. For some of these places, this is the first time they haven’t opened their doors in years, maybe even decades. These photos were taken between 9pm and 12am, peak Thursday night socializing hours, but yet these businesses sat eerily empty. Alone.

Hopefully, the strange times pass quickly so we can all get back to our normal lives. The Billy Bob’s billboard at 121 and Sylvania sums it up best, “We love you Fort Worth. Wash your hands and make good choices.”

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